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The European 

Tribute Show

About me

Jaroslav Bresky is the most wanted Europan Tribute solo artist singing the greatest hits of Freddie Mercury. His color of the voice  has similarities to the king of rock, along with his visual appearance and gestures. Hundreds of performances all around Europe will guarantees you the unforgetable rock show. After many years being arround  the music scene is Jaroslav meeting with the last personal assistant of Freddie Mercury. He alowed him to explore the Freddie's time on stage which gives  to this solo act special dimension.


In 2010 was Jaroslav invited  by management of music company in Switzerland called Montreux Music to sing on Freddie's Official Birthday Party. After 7th year of  europian perfomances. The same chance happened in 2016 where he was singing on the Freddie's 70th Official Birthday Party. This Performance was shared on Brian May's official facebook page. In 2015 is meeting with the remaining members of the band Queen- Brian May and Roger Taylor.At the turn of the year 2016 was touring with project called THE CZECH STARS SINGS QUEEN next to the best singers of Czech Republic playing in the big sport halls


His shows has been done in Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Swtizerland, Slovakia, Denmark and many other European countries.

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